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+1 (800) 345-6297

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Specialty Products

Since 1896, we have been helping businesses achieve better results. We have extensive experience in various fields and a close-knit team, so we are ready to accept any challenge and develop an individual plan for the development of your business from A to Z, and bring it to life.

W-R Silicone Release #30

The W-R Silicone Release #30 is a new silicone blend formulated to prevent the sticking and build-up of waxes, paper dust, clay, and much more.

W-R Process Color Wax

The W-R Process Color Wax (PCW) is the oldest, most dependable, and useful ink compound used today by printers and ink manufacturers.

W-R Inkset

The W-R Inkset is an ink vehicle dispersion designed to “set” Inks faster during their first stage of drying.

W-R Anti-Skin Liquid

The W-R Anti-Skin Liquid product is designed to temporarily impede the drying of inks and varnish on the press.

W-R Stone Clean III

The W-R Stone Clean III is a concentrated press and die cleaner specifically formulated to provide safe, easy, and fast cleaning power.

W-R Electrical Destroyer

The W-R Electrical Destroyer was developed for the removal and prevention of static electricity.

W-R Rust-B-Gone

The W-R Rust-B-Gone removes surface rust and dirt from metals and helps prevent further deterioration of commercial printing machines.

W-R Table Wax

The W-R Table Wax Is a blend of high natural carnauba content and specialty additives.

W-R Lub-A-Roll

The W-R Lub-a-roll is a lubricating compound designed to help prevent roller ends from deteriorating due to heat and friction buildup.

W-R Press Wash

The W-R Roller and Blanket Wash kit is a 3-step process to ensure the efficient and deep-cleansing of commercial rollers

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