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W-R Spray Rite Spray Powder

The W-R Spray Rite Spray Powders are manufactured from high-quality food starches. Each batch of W-R Spray Rite powder is manufactured in a quality-controlled environment to ensure dependable and consistent results for our clients. 
All W-R Spray Rite anti-offset spray powders are approved by USDA for use on food packaging, wrappers, and labels.

About the Product

W-R Spray Rite Spray Powders are safe for use in all types of spray equipment. They offer better control and minimizes equipment wear. The positive electrostatic charge results in strong attraction and adhesion to paper and poly films. It also neutralizes static buildup in card stock going through the press. It is safe for multiple passes and can be overprinted. 
All W-R Spray Rite Powers are manufactured from food ingredients which are essential in the food packaging industry. It is available in a variety of food-grades and treatments to meet multiple end-use needs. W-R Spray Rite Powders are free-flowing under all conditions to ensure dependable performance in all pressrooms. 
Most importantly, it is priced economically with the added peace of mind that you’ll get dependable results that reduce pressroom costs.

Product Advantages

● USDA approved for use on food packaging, wrappers, and labels● Manufactured from high-quality food starches● Produced in a quality-controlled environment for consistent results● Improves ink control and minimizes equipment wear
● Electrostatic properties for improved adhesion to any surface
● Ensures free-flowing application under any condition

Product Specifications

W-R Spray Rite Powders are formulated in five different qualities to meet a variety of end requirements:

  • Regular Grade

    The standard for over 60 years.

  • Microencapsulated Powders

    Designed to resist moisture and provide a super fine finish.

  • Low Dust Powders

    Designed to minimize powder floating in the pressroom.

  • Starch Wax Powders

    For optimum smoothness and offset protection. Helps provide a slippery surface.

  • Anti Static Powders

    Formulated to eliminate static and prevent it from returning.

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