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    W-R Industries, Inc., was founded in 1896 in Chicago, Illinois. Known for our high quality products and attentive customer service, we have been a cornerstone of the printing industry for 111 years.

    W-R Industries, Inc. has earned a solid reputation in the industry as a leading manufacturer of premium quality overprint varnishes. We offer a wide range of varnish choices and have the ability to formulate to meet your particular needs.

W-R Industries, Inc. believes that the proper selection of spray powder is essential. We offer a complete range of regular, coated, starch wax, and our unique low dust spray powder. Our spray powders are available in all micron ranges to suit your particular needs.

W-R Industries, Inc. manufactures ink compounds for both water and oil based inks that minimize picking, improve transfer, dot structure and drying.

Whatever your particular needs, W-R Industries, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of products that improve your pressroom efficiency, quality and equipment maintenance.


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