W-R Industries, Inc. manufactures the highest quality overprint varnishes, spray powders, ink compounds, roller & blanket washes and specialty chemicals.

5 Star Overprint Varnish

Our 5 Star Varnish leads the industry when ever a high quality, top-of-the-line end result is sought. Whether the goal is high gloss, improved rub resistance or a true matte finish, the 5  Star line outshines the competition, setting the standard for premium overprints. 

Anti-Offset Spray Powder

The quality and proper selection of spray powder does make a difference. The Spray Rite, Micromark and Winton spray powder line offer a complete range of standard, premium, low dust and silicone coated powders available in all micron sizes to suit a printer's particular needs. Pressroom problems often stem from using the wrong powder or an inferior brand, sabotaging the time and money spent selecting inks and varnishes, not to mention possibly the job. You know what they say about an "ounce of prevention".... A call to our service staff can offer " a pound of cure".

Ink Compounds

W-R Process Color Wax, one of our original products, endures as an excellent ink compound to extend ink mileage, improve print quality and reduce "hickies". W-R Inkset, "sets" offset and letterpress inks and varnishes "lightning fast". Aiding in the first stage of drying, Inkset will improve print quality, especially solids, and it will not streak or spot the substrate.

Silicone Release # 30

The highest concentration of silicone liquid  to prevent sticking and slip problems. Manufactured to minimize friction on any surface. Each application removes the prior, so build up will not occur. Helps prevent rust from forming on cutting table surface. Also ideal to prevent back cylinder marking.

Roller & Blanket Wash

        W-R Industries, Inc. manufactures roller & blanket washes for both oil based and waterbased      sheetfed and flexo inks.

Specialty Products

W-R Industries, Inc., manufactures products for many unique applications. Our specialty is to develop a product to solve the pressman's problems. 

Electrostatic Supplies

           W-R Industries, Inc. has a complete line of electrostatic tubes, connectors and transformers.